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What are organic pesticides? we keep hearing more about them what is it? Organic seems to be the trend and its getting more common by the day. It is intresting to note that many of organic pesticides are illegal, not to mention more dangerous than some more commonly used pesticides now a days. Wait, I know what you're thinking, illegal and dangerous, how can it be? What this all comes down to is people being misinformed by marketing campaigns and sales tactics. To make matters worse many pest control companies are involved in the generation of these ideas as well.

So what are organic pesticides? Well, in pesticides as with all chemistry organic means a compound that contains carbon. So obviously something that doesn't have carbon in its structure can't be organic. To make things easy the chemical/pesticide industry has classified most common insecticides into families such as Organochlorines, Organophospates, Carbamates and Pyrethroids. all of which are organic but the first three contain many now illegal pesticides.

Lets take a look at some organic pesticides. By far the most known Organochlorine is DDT which you could say its effects on nature started the environmental movement. Organochlorines were made illegal and were replaced with Organophospates and Carbamates. Are they Safer? An example of a Organophospates would be Sarin Nerve Gas. Yes, DDT and Sarin gas are both organic. Does that make Saddam Hussein a hipster using an organic gas when he gassed the Irani people, Probably not.

The fact is that in pesticides, organic doesn't mean safer make sure you are fully aware of the product being used and the health risks if any. The information for many commonly used pesticides are available on this site.

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