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Gentrol® IGR Concentrate translocates from treated areas to locations that are typically difficult to treat. It can move deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices, reaching the pests that other treatments miss. (S)-Hydroprene, the active ingredient, prevents pest larvae and nymphs from progressing to the adult stage either causing sterility of adults or preventing the emergence of insects from the pupal stage often resulting in death, preventing future infestations.

How we use it: (S)-Hydroprene isn't what you normally think of when you are talking about insecticides. It is from an interesting group of insecticides called insect growth regulators, IGRs for short. Basically IGRs prevent insects from growing normally (usually sexually) thus preventing the insect from being fertile. This IGR specifically mimics the pests hormone confusing the pests biology into developing wrong. Due to its safety we love using this in restaurants and locations where bed bugs or roaches are a continual problem. You will start to see the benefits of IGR treatment a few months down the line.

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