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MasterLineĀ® Bifenthrin 7.9 is an odorless, non-irritating to skin, non-phytotoxic residual that will give you superior, long lasting control. The active ingredient, bifenthrin, not only has a wide range of pests controlled but is approved in key indoor and outdoor areas such as residential, industrial, commercial and food-handling areas.

With MasterLine Bifenthrin 7.9 Insecticide, you can have peace of mind the job will be done effectively and with long-lasting control of even the toughest general pest and termite jobs. Best of all, you get solid support from Univar on every MasterLine product

How we use it: Bifenthrin is in the pyrethroid family of insecticides. It is extremely safe and very effective for most pest situations. It has a repellent effect, this can be great for barrier pest control but bad in places that you don't want the pests to come out to die, i.e. restaurants. Bifenthrin is from the fourth and newest generation of pyrethroids. They continue to get better but still suffer from pests that have pyrethroid resistance and from breaking down in light. Making it a great winter choice due to less daylight hours.

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