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Need to keep them out for good?
When you remove rodents or large animals with out removing the entry point, you are just asking for a reinfestation.

Animals have a very strong sense of smell and rats can climb just about anything. So, when a animal is near a previously infested location, they know it right away by the pheromones left behind. Then, you'll have the cycle start all over again.

The permanent solution is to have your structure proofed or excluded after having whatever animal removed that ails you. Proofing or exclusion is the process of inspecting a home or another type of structure for possible entry points and closing them off. This is the permanent solution for removing rodents from your home or business. Let a professional eye find all those entry points.


We'll get rid of them or we're not done.

All services provided by Traffic are administered by trained and licensed technicians and we guarantee to remove whatever is plaguing you. We want you to be confident that Traffic Pest Solutions will handle your problem. That's why, If you are unsatisfied within within 1 month's time give us a call. We will either retreat your property or give you your money back, whichever you desire.