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We Can Stand the Heat

When you have a problem with pests in the food industry its not a laughing matter. Any issue could become a serious problem with clients, or even worse the County. With regular pest control service costing so little for that kind of protection. Its no wonder why almost all restaurants / food establishments use pest control.

Here at Traffic Pest Solutions we came from and started in the commercial end of pest control. We are familiar with all the rules and regulations of The Health Department, USDA, and Public Works. We do things the right way while keeping an eye out for things that get you in to trouble. We have been doing this for decades now. Not only are we familiar with slower but effective Insect Pest Management (IPM) approach. But, also the old-fashioned methods of treating thoroughly to knock those pests out in just one night. There is nothing better than digging deep for some tough cockroaches!

If you don't want pests in your business any longer call us.


We'll get rid of them or we're not done.

All services provided by Traffic are administered by trained and licensed technicians and we guarantee to remove whatever is plaguing you. We want you to be confident that Traffic Pest Solutions will handle your problem. That's why, If you are unsatisfied within within 1 month's time give us a call. We will either retreat your property or give you your money back, whichever you desire.