Traffic Pest Solutions is a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company. It is family owned and operated, and constantly growing.

We have the highest standards in customer service. That's why the majority of our business acquired are referrals from our customers. Those customers know we provide more than a great service, we provide a friendly face that keeps the word spreading. Our technicians receive continuing education. Keeping them up to date with chemicals and safety regulations. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. I think you'll be surprised.

Company history

Traffic Pest Solutions was founded by Jason March after working for a pest control company for years, and getting so many complaints of communication between the office, technician, and customer. He decided that it could be done better.

Customer testimonials

"I've had Jason as a technician for years. So when he came to my door with his own company. There wasn't another choice. I continue to receive Jason's service at a better price what more could you ask for!" Micheal S.