Fly Control Diner inside restaurant by Tomwsulcer CC0-1.0


Shoo Flies!
Not only are flies one of the most bothersome pests in existence but they also are a health threat. In food industry locations, flies can get you shut down by health agencies. From a consumer stand point its plain unsanitary. There are many species of flies, each with its own unique attributes but, Traffic Pest Solutions has fly control options that work for all flies.

Phase 1: Inspection and treatment to control your flies
Traffic knows how flies work and will first inspect your property for breeding sources and objects attracting the flies. In some cases by just removing the source of the problem it will be sufficient to remove the infestation.

After the inspection if needed, we will treat areas necessary to control the fly problem. This could be be a drain treatment, a space treatment, or a surface treatment depending on what kind of fly is infesting and where it is infesting. Your trained exterminator will determine this at this time.

Phase 2: Prevent new fly problems.
Traffic is going to remove your problem. But sometimes, the invading flies are not breeding on your property or the attractant can't be removed and you need regular control measures. Regular Pest Prevention Service is what you need. There are both chemical and nonchemical variants of fly control measures available. Speak with your Traffic Pest Solutions tech about the different service options available.


We'll get rid of them or we're not done.

All services provided by Traffic are administered by trained and licensed technicians and we guarantee to remove whatever is plaguing you. We want you to be confident that Traffic Pest Solutions will handle your problem. That's why, If you are unsatisfied within within 1 month's time give us a call. We will either retreat your property or give you your money back, whichever you desire.