Rodent Control: Beach Family Room by Amy Lau CC-BY-SA-3.0


A Brief Note on Rodents
Rodents are small mammals that regularly infest structures. Common pests include, the Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse. They are vectors of certain diseases such as hantavirus and often carry fleas. Rodents are very unsanitary, leaving fecal matter in all areas they inhabit. Their urine has a musky odor that can permanently taint insulation and other absorbent materials on your property. Rodents are also known to die in inaccessible areas creating foul smells and blow fly problems.

1. Inspection and Treatment to Rid of the Rodents
Traffic will inspect your home or business and ask about the rodent infestation. Normally the attic, or other void areas need to be inspected at this time to find the harborage areas.

After inspection we will decide on the best treatment to remove the rodent problem. Both chemical and nonchemical options are available, as well as lethal and humane traps. Your Traffic exterminator will go through the options with you giving advice on the best solutions.

2. Check Back on the Problem
Your Traffic Tech will come back to re-evaluate the problem cleaning and replacing any rodent measures as needed. If needed, Your tech will setup another checkback.

The Next Step
Traffic will remove your rodents, But they could reinfest at any time. It is recommended that you and have an exclusion service on your property and have a pest prevention service. That way, you prevent any future rodent problems before they star. Have your Traffic Pest Solutions tech describe the different service options available to you.


We'll get rid of them or we're not done.

All services provided by Traffic are administered by trained and licensed technicians and we guarantee to remove whatever is plaguing you. We want you to be confident that Traffic Pest Solutions will handle your problem. That's why, If you are unsatisfied within within 1 month's time give us a call. We will either retreat your property or give you your money back, whichever you desire.