Tick Control: Boy sitting in tall grass by 4028mdk09 CC-by-SA-3.0


A Brief Note on Ticks
Ticks are eight legged arthropods belonging to the arachnid family like spiders and scorpions. They have leather like skin and are parasites with mouthparts that are suited for holding tightly in the skin and sucking blood. Ticks feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals, and they can transmit diseases. They normally lie in wait on leaves or branches for a host to pass by.

Phase 1: Inspection and Treatment for the Ticks
Since ticks come from outside, Traffic inspect your yard to find the source of the infestation. Usually the problem comes form tall grasses, trees, or bushes. Ticks are common in unmaintained or wild areas.

After the inspection we'll pick a treatment thats right for your garden and yard. The yard will be treated with special attention paid to areas with a lot of shrubbery. Inspect your self, family and pets for ticks at this time.

Phase 2: Prevent Ticks from Coming Back
Sign up for a regular pest service with Traffic. With our pest prevention plans, you will have peace of mind that ticks and other potentially dangerous pests can't harm you or your family. Call or ask your Traffic technician for details.


We'll get rid of them or we're not done.

All services provided by Traffic are administered by trained and licensed technicians and we guarantee to remove whatever is plaguing you. We want you to be confident that Traffic Pest Solutions will handle your problem. That's why, If you are unsatisfied within within 1 month's time give us a call. We will either retreat your property or give you your money back, whichever you desire.