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Many people don't know, there is a way to find out how safe a pesticide is that you or a pest control exterminator is using. The fact is, pesticide monufacturers have tests done to determine their safety and then the Department of Pesticide Regulation makes sure they disclose that information to the public. Safety and information disclosure is a top concern for the DPR. The DPR makes sure all materials are rated for safeness by LD50s. A LD50 is a standard measurement of acute toxicity that is stated in milligrams of pesticide per kilogram of body weight that represents the individual dose required to kill 50 percent of a population of test animals. Basicly, the higher the LD50 the safer the product is and vice versa. So now that your are informed you can check the safety of products you use or are exposed to by others by the material's LD50 and the next time someone tells you something is safe but doesn't know the LD50 class the chemical is in, wonder. Everything must be considered on a individual basis. Traffic Pest Solutions always uses the safest most effective products for its clients by making informed and educated decisions.

Pesticides preform a great benefit for humanity when they are used properly. Also, many lab animals were harmed to provide us this information and to insure our safety. It would be a shame if we did't use it. The information for many commonly used pesticides are available on this site.

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