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MasterLine® I MaxxPro® 2F is two pounds of AI per gallon that is a non-repellent, odorless, high quality liquid imidacloprid termiticide/insecticide that provides a proven barrier or zone around structures. Its unique chemistry binds to the soil and does not easily move. I MaxxPro 2F provides long lasting, proven protection of structures as well as superior control of ants. I MaxxPro 2F is also perfect for smaller jobs and applications where a liquid is preferable. Registered for exterior perimeter termite treatments, Pest Management Professionals will have greater efficiency and flexibility in their applications while still receiving the long-lasting protection of structures and providing superior control to their customers.

How we use it: Imidacloprid is in the Neonicotinoids family of insecticides. It is a fairly newer family of insecticides based on nicotine. It is undetectable by most pests and is very slow acting allowing social pests time to accidentally share the insecticide they pick up. Due to this it is very dangerous to bee populations and must be used with care. We like to use Imidicloprid in conjunction with pyrethroids for pyrethroid resistant insects such as, German Cockroaches and Bedbugs.

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