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  • 2 Oz. Bait Block - Twice As Big As Most Other Bait Blocks
  • First-Generation Anticoagulant Diphacinone (0.005%)
    Has Been Time Tested, Proven Effective
  • Highly Palatable, Makes It A Great Maintenance Bait
  • Perfect Product To Incorporate Into Any Rodent Baiting Program
  • New Aromas In Bait Stations Attract Rodent's Attention, Changing Bait Can Contribute To Your Success
  • 9 Pound Pails Fit In Standard Size Truck Tool Boxes

  • How we use it: Bait block with an anticoagulant such as Diphacinone is used primary by us to reduce the rodent population surrounding the structure being treated. The bait is typically placed around the structure in child / tamper proof bait stations. This allows the rodent to feed and pass away long before they become a problem. The amount of Diphacinone in this product is mild so typical death take 4-7 days from the time of feeding. Also due to the slow time of the anticoagulant if accidental ingestion did ever occur. Vitamin K1 acts as an antidote by making your blood coagulate.

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