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Active Ingredient

Boric Acid


Borid Dust Insecticide.jpg

Borid® Insecticide offers lasting protection against crawling pests. For a dust treatment against crawling insects like cockroaches, ants and silverfish, trust Borid® insecticide. Odorless, Borid provides effective, continuous protection as long as it remains dry and accessible to insects.

How we use it: Probably the same way your grandma used it. Apply it to areas where pests are found but not in areas exposed to people. This limits borid to crack and crevice treatments. Borid is a dust made of boric acid. It is safe and has been around for generations, literally. It is non repellent and insects can not create tolerance to it. It works on all insects that groom themselves but we like to use it just for roaches. Its only downside is its a dust, and dusts can be messy and difficult to apply.

Note: Borid Boric Acid tends to conduct electricity. Take caution treating around electrical sockets. Also, It makes the flames of fire turn green. Wonder if that's how they made those old movie effects.

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