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Residential and Commercial

At Traffic, we have you covered. We're exterminators providing pest control service to residential and commercial locations. Including restaurants, apartments, hotels, and markets. No matter how big or how small the problem, we have the extermination solution.
Traffic Pest Solutions!
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TRAFFIC is growing! Enjoy these savings!

We've decided to expand our area! For a Limited time, all new residential services receive a FREE initial service when signing a one year service agreement! (reg initial $99-$150) Not a dollar out of your pocket to have your first pest control service!
Plus, reduced prices for those new customers!

Did you know???

Pest control and exterminator service industries are highly regulated by the federal and local government. We strive to ensure safety to our families and the environment. We are always continuing our education related to the industry and working in conjunction with the Department of Pesticide Regulations, Department of Agriculture, and the California Pest Control Board.

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Have a pest that you want to find some information about? Use our Pest Info Section to learn about certain pests and how to control them. If you need help you could always call an exterminator.

5/5 stars
This is a fabulous service and a wonderful company! The Tech is personable and careful and thorough - we have not had a problem with crickets, ants or spiders since he began service at our home a few years ago! It is always nice to see him, but even if I am not at home when he comes, I know the cleaning and spraying will be neat and odor-free, which is very important to me, as I have a pet bird. Thank you!!!
5/5 stars
I've been using Traffic Pest Solutions for several years and have been thoroughly satisfied with the work. Whenever I want anything extra done, like spraying the interior baseboards, my guy always says, "no problem" and does the work with no extra charges.
5/5 stars
When I fist moved into my present home I had a bee problem under the roof behind walls. Traffic Pest Solutions came out and took care of it - and that was 4 years ago! In the meantime they are keeping all kinds of bugs - especially ants, of which I had an infestation when I moved in - out of my house successfully. I never saw another ant inside my house. I recommend the company to whoever has pest problems.